Patrick Kort (1986) runs Flipside, Curacao’s one and only skate park. After revitalizing the local skate scene he wanted to add a little extra spice to the mix. A pro skate week, four years in the making, is the cherry on top of his entrepreneurial dream. Patrick enjoys motivating kids to skate hard more than anything. He still shreds like a 16 year old, too.


"On the Flipside" explores skateboarding on the isolated tropical paradise of Curacao. Local skate shop owner Patrick Kort struggles to inspire kids to skate harder, while he himself has to try living with a permanent knee injury.

See the island through his eyes as he brings over some of the hottest names in skateboarding: Shajen Willems, Rob Maatman and Douwe Macaré, to give the kids the week of their lives and the island a show it will never forget.

Once an underground lifestyle, skateboarding has grown into an olympic sport with international appeal in recent years. But Isolated as Curacao is, it still breathes the unapologetically raw but lighthearted mentality that made skateboarding what it is today.

Not a skateboarder? Not a problem! “On the Flipside” literally dives under the surface of Curacao’s tropical appeal, giving insight into recognizable struggles of the local skate scene, like the hardships of change, falling and getting up again, and hope for the next generation.